Removing stains with hydrogen peroxide

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An easy cleaning tip that many of you may not know is hydrogen peroxide works miracles on removing stains! I bought a pair of nice, white jeans knowing that eventually something would stain them and unfortunately it happened sooner than I expected. Grass stains covered my brand new jeans right at the knee and after trying all of the stain removers and detergents there were the stains were only partially removed. I had heard somewhere that hydrogen peroxide works well at removing carpet stains so I thought I’d give it a try on my jeans. I poured some of the stain and watched as it bubbled and fizzed in hopes that meant it was working. After letting it sit for about a half hour I came back and used a soft brush to scrub the peroxide into the fabric a little more. This lasted for another couple minutes and once I could see the stain was removing I rinsed and rubbed my jeans with warm water. The stain was almost completely gone! I continued the same process one more time and after the peroxide soaked for awhile longer the stain was completely removed. It’s so exciting when you find something that actually works so I had to share it.


Easy directions for removing stains with Hydrogen Peroxide:

1. Rinse the stain with warm water

2. Apply a generous amount of peroxide to the stain

3. Allow the peroxide to sit on the stain for at least a half hour

4. Take a wet soft brush or towel and gently rub the stain to work in the peroxide. Rubbing the fabric will wear it out so you only want to do this as long as necessary. I would suggest stop when you see substantial progress.

5. Rinse the stain with warm water

6. If the stain is still there, repeat the process.

  1. Dorothy Hewitt

    I found out about using peroxide on clothing to remove stains from a Dr who said it removed blood stain. Unfortunately I sprayed a lot of other clothing and didn’t realize I had to rinse it out. It left white stains on
    the perimeters. Is there any way to remove those rings ?

    • You shouldn’t leave peroxide on the stain I use it all the time I’ve never had any problems with yellowing. Use cold water first put the peroxide on the wet stain and stretch the fabric to loosen the stain while you rinse immediately repeat if necessary.

  2. michael

    I used it on socks it really works but I used gair peroxide as I am a hairdresser, boilinh hot water 1ltre to half a litre peroxide got all the stains out of white socks leave for 30mins and wazzam jobs done.

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